Thursday, March 4, 2010

More of my Collection

I was recently looking up "African American Barbies" and I was reminded of my "Asha" dolls. These dolls were made around 1994 as a series with 3 dolls in total wearing different African styled clothing. I was lucky to find all three in the same store, so I bought them all! I took them out of their boxes, which I sometimes wish I hadn't because their hair and outfits are dusty.

I found this next doll about a year ago at a used clothing store. She has fabulous hair! She was a beach Barbie doll, because she has those big (normal) feet. (Ever notice how unnaturally tiny Barbie dolls' feet usually are?) I'm going to make her into some sort of Tribal Belly Dancer.

Speaking of great hair, this doll on the left has great and hard to find hair. A lot of African American dolls have straight hair, like the one on the right. The left doll had her hair pulled back tight into a "pony tail" kind of thing....but I wanted her to have more of an Afro. I have her wearing just a bathrobe right now until I decide what new clothing she should wear.