Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fab Faces Find

Today I had the urge to seek out abandoned the local thrift store. I found one that had a "My Scene" face, but she had these weird buttons sticking out of her the "vent ports" sticking out of the back of H.R. Giger's Alien.
Anyway, it seemed when I pressed the buttons, her face changed, like a little animatronic puppet. I couldn't see her very clearly because she was in a plastic bag with another doll. For $1.99 I felt I should get it. Here's how she looks now that I cleaned her up a bit and dressed her. Of course she was naked when I found her, and her hair was messy and it looked like someone had taken scissors to a part of it. Her hair is still wet in this photo because I used the boiling water method to style it....(so it's all flowing in the same direction.)

I'm going to take her to work and sit her on my desk. Since I work at an animation studio, I figure she'll fit in perfectly.
I did some research and discovered she was called Fab Faces Nolee. There were 4 in the series, made in 2006. I don't think they sold very well......mostly I'm sure because of the long buttons sticking out of her back.
The above photo by the way is one I found off the which it is apparently VERY rare to find this in the box. I'm sure most of them are naked in Thrift Stores by now.
Below is a photo of the weird buttons.