Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Made To Move Barbie

My new Made To Move Barbie. She can move fairly well, but her forearms aren't as poseable as I thought they'd be....but they made her hands able to rotate fully from her wrist to compensate.

Like most most Barbies straight out of the box, her hair was ugly. It had a big bend in it and it didn't hang properly...so she had to have her hair re-set....which is easy. I just boiled the kettle, held her over the sink and poured recently boiled water over her hair. Be very careful not to get any on your hand!!! It's very hot!!!! Then I squeezed the excess out with a towel (gently, you don't want to scrunch her hair up) then gave her a gentle combing. There were uneven ends that I snipped off with sharp scissors. Now, when her hair is dry, she'll look great!

I also did the same with Teresa's hair. It had a flip style at the back I didn't care for, so now it's been straightened. I didn't pour any water on the top of her head though, because I liked how full it is!

Here the two gals are hanging around by my special tea pot until their hair is dry, then I'll take them to work to clutter up my desk! :)