Monday, November 21, 2011

Toronto Toy & Doll Collector's Show

I went to the Toronto Toy & Doll Collectors Show yesterday in the hopes of finding some Barbie shoes, and my hopes were more than met! A lady was selling pairs of shoes and boots for only $1!!!! I was so thrilled! She had a whole box of them, paired together in tiny zip-locked bags. I ended up getting 10 pair. I was also able to replace my Hollywood Nails Barbie that I had (as shown in the photo below on the right) but my daughter destroyed as a toddler. I also saw a ton of other replacement dolls for ones I no longer have.....but I was short on money...or believe me, I would have come home with a few more. I even bought a tiny "Dawn" doll like one I used to have when I was little. The chameleon Beanie Baby in the above photo was purchased for my daughter to go with her Rapunzel costume I'm making her for next Hallowe'en. He was only $1 too! I couldn't believe some of the great deals at the show!