Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hawaiian Barbie

I made another thrift-store found doll into a Hawaiian Barbie.
 It took me way longer to finish this one than it should have, but I've been working steadily for the past couple years and haven't had the spare time to devote to doll customizing, like I used to.
 I used chainette fringe for her skirt, after experimenting with real grass etc. I bought another Barbie who had a perfect little Bikini and flower that I wanted, and put them on this doll. I made the lei by threading together the smallest silk flowers I could get my hands on.
 Here she is with some of the other girls of my collection.
And I just thought I'd snap a photo of my Mulan doll as she collects dust with the others. I keep them down in my basement now, until someday when I have a bigger house.