Monday, November 21, 2011

Toronto Toy & Doll Collector's Show

I went to the Toronto Toy & Doll Collectors Show yesterday in the hopes of finding some Barbie shoes, and my hopes were more than met! A lady was selling pairs of shoes and boots for only $1!!!! I was so thrilled! She had a whole box of them, paired together in tiny zip-locked bags. I ended up getting 10 pair. I was also able to replace my Hollywood Nails Barbie that I had (as shown in the photo below on the right) but my daughter destroyed as a toddler. I also saw a ton of other replacement dolls for ones I no longer have.....but I was short on money...or believe me, I would have come home with a few more. I even bought a tiny "Dawn" doll like one I used to have when I was little. The chameleon Beanie Baby in the above photo was purchased for my daughter to go with her Rapunzel costume I'm making her for next Hallowe'en. He was only $1 too! I couldn't believe some of the great deals at the show!

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Chris said...

A doll collector show? That sounds awesome! I hope that I could take my daughter to this kind of events someday. She absolutely loves dolls and toys. But for now, she’s happy with the ones that we gave her during her birthday. [Chris Jeffery]