Sunday, September 28, 2008

Re-Posting Old Pics

You may have already seen these images from my other blog, but I felt I should re-post them here on my Barbie blog. This is my customized Xena Barbie, whom I made back in 1996 from a Kira doll, (from the Barbie line). I sold her to a friend from Nelvana who wanted her for her daughter, who was probably a big Xena fan at the time.

And of course my "Burqa Barbie" who is actually a "Teresa". The burqa could fit over any Barbie, but this is the one who wears it for now. I have some other bellydance Barbies in mind and Middle Eastern styles ready to put together. I'll post them as soon as they're ready.

Also I need to do some more research on burqas, because I don't think they come right down to the feet in the front. I KNOW they do in the back....but I think they only come down halfway in the front so the woman can use her hands. So, realistically, I don't think she could get away with wearing an Egyptian cabaret bellydance outfit under it.

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