Friday, September 19, 2008

Some of My Current Collection

Here's the Malibu Barbie...most likely the re-issue because her face and hair are in such great shape....all cleaned up. I washed her and her bathing suit in the sink with dish washing liquid. A bit of conditioner helped smooth out her hair.

Here's a "Brandy" doll that I want to dress as Cleopatra. I fell in love with this doll's hair!
It's done in tiny braids! I have no idea how I would go about restoring it if it got messed up. I've kept this doll pretty much out of reach of my daughter with a stern warning not to wreck her hair. Her original outfit has been lost, but I don't mind because I'll be making her a new one.

This is my Oshugatsu Barbie that I bought in Arizona. She was one of the first expensive ones I bought. I got her for a bit less because her packaging was damaged.....but I'm a "box remover" so that didn't matter a bit.
I have her shoes but I didn't bother putting them on for the photo. I find they don't stay on very well. They're little sandals with a strap between the big and small toes and the doll doesn't have a gap for it. Also, she's wearing those little Japanese socks which I am told Japanese women wear to keep their feet warm to boost fertility.
I'm just repeating what I was told by a Japanese friend!

Now here's a face from the past.....Scary Spice. At one time I had all 5 Spice Girls dolls, but I gave them away to some nieces. Well, Scary showed up in the toybox at my Dad's house and since the kids are getting older, my Dad wanted the toys thinned out. I ended up grabbing this doll because she was originally mine ....and boy was she a mess! I had to restyle her hair and make an outfit for her. She has no shoes because her feet are larger than Barbie's and I have no idea where I will find Spice Girl shoes. Oh well, I may have to custom make a pair.

Here's my only doll that is still in her original packaging.....Romantic Interlude Barbie. I've done this because she's dressed in black velvet and I need to keep the dust off of her.
I bought the African American model because she has such a beautiful face.

And here's the custom made deerskin dress complete with tiny moccasins. I don't care for the design of the Pocahontas doll's face, so I put the dress on a "Teresa" Barbie. This outfit was made by a Native lady who lived in Sedona Arizona.

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