Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Warning About Catalogue Shopping

I was browsing the internet, bringing back memories of dolls I'd had or wanted, when I remembered an incident that happened to me back in 1997, or early '98. I had ordered a Tangerine Twist doll through a mail order Barbie doll supplier based on the image in the catalogue. Well! Was I disappointed when I got the real thing. Her face was so different! Her whole head seemed smaller and her eyes were too close together. Compare these images....the catalogue image on the left, the real doll on the right. I remember I had to return her and exchange her for a different doll. (I recall they didn't allow refunds). It was such a hassle wrapping her up and sending her back, then waiting for the other doll to arrive. I believe I chose the Thai Barbie instead which was just fine.
Another disappointment is the Dutch Barbie. Based on the photo on the left, her costume looks great and authentically Dutch....but when they manufactured her, I guess they couldn't get the darker fabric and she turned out like the image on the right. She looks like she's been left out in the sun and faded! I crossed her off my wish list after discovering that.

What I do now is only shop for Barbies in person.....or by eBay photos of the ACTUAL doll being bid on......not the catalogue image.
This is just a friendly word of advice.....because it happened to me. I'm very fussy about the dolls I buy......but it's funny, because I couldn't care less about the box. I'm just interested in the doll.

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