Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Barbie Runway Show

What kind of a Barbie enthusiast am I? I'd been virtually unaware of the Barbie Runway Show until today! It happened 2 weeks ago! Luckily, some nice people posted it on YouTube so I got to see it anyway. These were my favorites:

This dress was designed by a newer designer called "Three As Four":

I unfortunately couldn't find the name of this designer, but I thought it was cute and babydoll-ish and I LOVE the hat!

This pink corset-dress apparently weighed 25 lbs on its own! It was designed by "The Blonds".

This zebra striped outfit, inspired of course by the original Barbie doll's famous bathing suit, was made by "Patricia Field":

I love this sweater dress! I want to make a little one for one of my dolls. Its designer is "Twinkle":

These last two are gorgeous....and I believe "Tommy Hilfiger" was responsible for this 20's flapper meets Blade Runner creation. The clear cape is great!

Now, I shouldn't have been surprised, but this glittering extravaganza is the work of none other than "Bob Mackie". I should have known. I want to see Barbies available in all these outfits!

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