Sunday, March 29, 2009

Memories of Barbie

Here are the only images I could dig up of my early experiences with Barbies. This was in the 1970's and I only had one doll, but I was so thrilled to get a ten-speed bike for her and a horse one Christmas.

I've recently seen the original yellow ten-speed on eBay and I would have loved to have bought know....for nostalgic purposes. Unfortunately, the Barbie I had didn't have bendable legs, so it was hard for her to sit on the horse. My sister was the one who had the Malibu Barbie who's legs were bendable.

BUT after searching the internet, I discovered that THIS was the doll I had. She's classified as a "Foreign" Barbie because she wasn't available in the States. She's officially a Malibu "Steffie". Wow, this one is selling for $195....I should have hung on to mine. Oh well.

I really loved that horse though.
Just look at that roomy corral that came with him! I think I ended up using the fence parts for hurdles for him to jump over.

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